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Canine Cove – A Self Serve Dog Wash

Soggy Dog Salon & Suites is proud to offer Canine Cove Self Serve Dog Wash. Bring your dog to Canine Cove and you will have access to everything you need to pamper and take care of your best friend. Canine Cove provides the same shampoo and conditioner your dog would get if groomed. Does your dog shed? Request Furminator™ Shampoo and Conditioner to reduce shedding. You’ll also get ear cleanser,  and all the water and time it takes to clean your dirty dog. There’s no time limit, no coins needed, and an attendant is available to answer and questions you may have. You’ll also have unlimited use of our no-heat high velocity dryer. And towels, lots of towels. Cost: New Price! Just $12!

For more information about Canine Cove, salon, boarding, or daycare services, please contact us today at 785-827-5759.

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