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Dog Daycare in Salina KS

Fun & Reliable Daycare for Dogs

If you are looking for a fun, reliable daycare for dogs in Salina, KS, look no further than Soggy Dog Salon and Suites. 

We keep the safety and comfort of each guest at the heart of our services. All dogs enrolled in daycare must first meet with the boarding supervisor and pass a Temperament Assessment test. Your dog’s activity level, exposure to other dogs, and interaction with new people and dogs helps us determine which daycare group is appropriate for them.

Once your dog passes the Temperament Assessment, he/she can go right to daycare during the specified hours. Please call in advance (preferably 48 hours!) so we know how many care attendants we will need on hand. This ensures there is room for your dog in the group and that they are properly cared for.

Please note: Per City of Salina Code, Pit Bull Terriers are not accepted for services.

Our daycare facilities include both indoor and outdoor play areas, so your dog has plenty of space to play, run around, and socialize. Our outdoor area is consists of K9 grass, a clean, anti-microbial play surface specially designed for canines. The playground is also enclosed with an 8′ masonry wall, to keep your furry friends safe and secure outside.

Daycare Rates and Hours:

Full Day: $20 (4 hours or more)
Half Day: $15 (under 4 hours)

Monday- Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
Daycare is not available on Saturday or Sunday.


Half Days:

  • Buy 5 at $70
  • Buy 10 at $130

Full Days:

  • Buy 5 at $90
  • Buy 10 at $170

Early Check-In/Late Check-Out fees:

  • $15

Prior to attending daycare or boarding, you or your vet are required to provide written verification of vaccinations. You or your vet may fax it to us at 785-827-5721, or email soggydogsuites@gmail.com.

Vaccinations required:

  • Bordetella
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Rabies

Dogs six months or older must be spayed/neutered to participate in daycare.

Dog Daycare Services in Salina, KS You Can Count On

Our doggy daycare in Salina, KS is a wonderful way to enrich your dog’s resort and boarding experience. It is also a perfect alternative for stay-at-home dogs who have a habit of becoming bored, anxious, or destructive when left home alone. Whether you need to run errands, want to go to the movies, or are entertaining guests we aim to have you enjoy daycare, maybe even as much as your dog!

For more information about our services including daycare, salon appointments, and boarding options, please contact us today at 785-827-5759. We look forward to hearing from you!

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